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You only have 24 hours [Part 2]

I finally told her that l like her & l am looking forward to make her my girlfriend starting from this moment. You know African girls they love to play mind games, she told me she wanted time to think about it. “Ok NO problem” that was my reply. After a couple of days l asked her again & she kept on saying she was still thinking about it but time was moving so quickly. One week passed & l was persistence but nothing changes. To cut long story short l ended up dating her best friend & by the time she came to tell me how much she loved me it was already too late

Lot of people confuse the different between persistence & desperation. Its good to be persistence but you have to know when to stop before it becomes desperation so that you can cut your time losses. This other day l read a quote saying “Doing same thing over & over again expecting different results is insanity.” Learn when to change your approach & cut your losses.

I respect peop…

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