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Nice guys always finish last : Manginas [Part 2]

My articles of being MR nice guys are not encouraging people to be bad but many people misunderstand the difference between kind & nice or humble & nice. They are people who are being exploited every single day because everyone is taking advantage of their niceness. Many people are getting pushed to do things that they don’t like because they are just too nice to say NO. In life we should never aim to be nice but to love one another.
Break the nice guy stereotype by:
1.Ignore people’s opinions
Everyone you meet in life has an opinion of how you should live your life but those same people they don’t have any clue of what they should do with their own lives. You should be free to make your own decisions & no one should tell you how to live, how to dress, which career to choose or when to get married. Develop your self-esteem, confidence, courage & live your life independently with passion. This is no joke this is real life. Learn to be self-reliance & don’t be manip…

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